Q: Electrical Problems: Car won't start sometimes. on 1991 Dodge Grand Caravan

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On certain days the ignition cranks, but won't start. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes and cranking it several times, it starts. The car normally starts continuously in the day I have it running. If it sits over a day or two it usually doesn't start right away. A couple of times it stalled out in traffic, then started minutes later.

The batter, spark plugs and wires are all fine. No one can come up with the source of the problem.
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You need to leave it with a mechanic for a day or two so he can test it when it doesn't start. Otherwise it's a guessing game!
I did that. I left it over a weekend. When he started it Monday morning it was a fluke day where it started right away.

I guess I can try again leaving it for a few more days.

(Thanks for the reply--I appreciate it!)
Good idea! Impossible to fix it when it ain't broke! This can be very hard to diagnose unless it acts up. Suspect fuel pressure problem!! Might hint around about that when you talk to the mechanic. Good idea to have a pressure gauge hooked up while it's at the shop so when it acts up it is easily read at that time! That is how i catch the problem sometimes, but he probably knows all about that anyway.
(You are welcom.)
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