Q: electrical problems on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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What is average cost per hour to troubleshoot an electrical problem on a 2000 GCL?
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This is based on the shop's hourly rate. I believe you can calculate with a $ 70/hour shop rate. Some shops use higher rate for electrical trouble shooting though. There is no real estimate on electrical repair, it goes by clock time.

Thank you for the super quick response. The Tech that has my auto is at $82.00/hr. I guess I should have asked what is the average time it would take. He wasn't able to do a diagnostic test because it kept blowing the 02 heated circuit sensor fuse. He also came up with the PO1682 code. I think this is where the main problem is. The new alternator is intermittently throwing a charge back to and draining the battery. His first guess is that a wire in the harness is shorted to ground.
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