Q: electrical problem on 1993 Ford Taurus

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my horn, cruse control, stoped working, my nair bag light flashes, is there a fuse to replace
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I am not very familiar with Ford cars, but are the cruise controls and horn push button both in the steering wheel center? If so your air bag is also located in the steering wheel. A cable called a "squib cable" or spiral cable allows electrical connections to be made even as you move the steering wheel from side to side. It is common on other car manufacturers for these three things to malfunction at the same time if this cable in the steering column fails. The cable needs to be disconnected at the connector beneath the steering cowling and checked for continuity at the air bag/horn contact push button and cruise control. Don't try to check continuity yourself without a proper wiring diagram and instructions as the air bag can deploy if the instructions are not followed.
Sounds like bad clock spring assembly. Be carefull when dealing with air bag system. Had same problem. Part not in new part system. Had to go to junk yard. But one from there was bad, had to get another from same place.
You have a bad circuit breaker. Replace number 12 in your fuse box panel. It cost about 4 - 5 dollars.