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Q: Electrical Problem on 2000 Acura RL

My 00 Acura RL (172k) is having an electrical problem. The 1st this I noticed (which is minor) was when using a cassette to connect my Ipod in the car, the increase volume on the steering wheel would flip the tape (A-Side, B-Side) sporadically, instead of increasing the volume causing the music to stop until I hit the button to reverse the flip. This is minor and not sure if it's related but this was the 1st quirky thing I noticed.

The 1st real problem I noticed was with the rear psngr window. Sometimes it cannot be rolled up from drivers’ door, only from rear, psngr door.

Then came the Navigation system issue which is also sporadic. My Nav resets when car is cut off stating my battery was disconnected and I need to reacquire the GPS signal. Sometimes the Nav sys starts up correctly.

Then one day, ALL the yellow lights on my dash ABS, VSA & traction control came on. At 1st this too was sporadic; but it seems consistent for the past few weeks. My ABS sys is operating under normal braking which is shouldn't be.
I also noticed when my rear psngr door is opened; the interior light sometimes flickers as if whatever is to trigger it to come on is loose.

I do think the ABS thing may be legitimate to due to damage to me wheel speed sensor. Some dumb a$$ didn’t tighten the lug nuts and one day while driving down the highway I noticed a loud, vibrating noise. I pulled over and surely 2 of 5 nuts were missing. I think that the wheel wobbling at that speed may possibly be the culprit even though the ABS light thing didn’t happen immediately after that.

I also want to call out that the antenna thing on top of the car (which I believe is for the Nav) has a gap as if it needs to be tightened down. Could water from rain have got in there and cause these problems? I'm not sure what to think at this point. I’m scared to take it to the dealer because they can’t give me a set price on diagnostic. They tell me it depends on how long it takes them to pin-point the issue. Help Please

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My thoughts are that the tape adapter is creating confusion with the radio controls. I would try another adapter and see if the same problem occurs.
The ABS may be a bad sensor, but it has to have the codes checked to see what fault is stored, then diagnosed.
In response to your ABS/VSA instantaneous light up, I have been researching the answer to this same issue. I have found that this seems to be a regular issue that dozens of Acura RL owners have. In addition to the ABS/VSA lights, most others have reported the SRS light up as well. The issue codes will say one thing and you'll end up paying to fix it and the problem will not go away. Eventually, someone found that they stopped lighting up when he replaced a VSA/ABS modulator himself. So in other words, before you go and spend lots of money on several expensive solutions a mechanic throws at you, try doing some trouble shooting (via purchasing an auto repairs manual such as at Mitchell auto repair manuals has a website where you can purchase yearly subscriptions for web based repair manuals for different automobiles. The site is:
(Mitchell 1 eAutoRepair - Do-it-Yourself Repair Information) and fixing of your own.
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