Q: Electrical Problem. on 2001 Mercedes-Benz C240

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I got the messages below on the instrument cluster display:
- Battery / Alternator
- Brake Assist / BAS
- Restraint System / SRS

Then all the lights goes blinking on the display & the srs red light stay on.

what is that problem what can i do ?
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Need to scan all these Computer Systems, the fact that the lights are coming on is telling you that there are faults in these systems or a system that links all of them together like your instrument computer.
I had the same thing happen and had the alternator replaced but found out from an independant source that its the front SAM Unit that needs to be replaced
I am also having the same problem. i changed my alternator, battery, and even the module, I think thats what it is called. It's the computer system I think. But i am still having the same problem. After almost $1600 dollars the car still has the same problem. TIME FOR A CHANGE. Now im going for a Toyota or Honda.