Q: Electrical problem on 1995 Buick Park Avenue

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I have a 1995 Buick park Avenue, while driving the engine dies and won't start until it feels like it, every time this happens I also lose power to electric window. It seems like whatever is effecting the fuel pump is effecting the power window also which is why it's strange. The engine still turns over fine and if I pump the gas fast and continuously it will cough, miss and splutter and sometimes will start again and run fine. As soon as the power window is working fine again this means the car will start and run fine too!
I took to electrician and spent all the money I had, they put new cable on battery, new ground cable from battery to engine block..I thought it was fixed but was driving along today and it happened again, had to get tow truck home.
Now I'm broke with a car that doesn't go. Any help ior ideas with this would be much appreciated.

(1) Answer
Get a diagnostic is the check engine light flashing if it is count the flashes that your trouble code it may be a faulty sensor like the crankshaft that's causing the problem.
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