Q: Electrical Issues on 1999 Plymouth Neon

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Gauges go up and down, battery indicator light comes on, headlights lose some power (they don't shut off), they actually dim down and then after 10-20 minutes of driving everything works fine electrical wise but the battery indicator light does remain on. Is it the alternator? Or some faulty fuse? Could it be that there is corrosion on one of the battery lines?
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First I would disconnect the battery cables and clean the terminals. Next you need to have a charging systemm analysis done. It is free at Advance or Autozone parts store. You most likely have a bad alternator.Unfortunately my charging system tester cables don't reach from Mn. to Fl.
I have been having the sane problem with my car. I tried all that and none of it has worked. Actually it has gotten worse. I was told that it is my eternal control module.The brain box but it seems so hard to find where it is located in my car. And the part is expensive and hard to find.