Q: Electrical Issue & soft close on 2004 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG

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I need to know - what may cause the lights (including the interior cabin light & cluster lights) to flicker very slightly when the enigine is running or ideling. When both the front seat massage (pulse) are turned on than the seat massage operates for a very short while.I am guessing that all these issues are inter-related with the electrical system but, I could be wrong. Lastly, the SOFT close on one door only seems NOT to be functioning. Any suggestions????
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Take your car to a shop and ask them to perform a battery / charging system test.
There might be a charging issue and in this case several consumers (the less important ones) could be disabled to conserve power for the drive train.
I'd suggest a shop who is expert on MB electrical and power distribution systems.
Let us know what happened.

Electrical system checked out FINE but the flicker is still there. This does NOT always happens. Many a times it goes crazy &sometimes it is just fine. If I switch on BOTH seat massages than the electrical flicker problem starts & the pulse light blinks.