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Q: Electrical issue, My F250 is possessed on 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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I've had my truck tested at the Ford Dealership several times and it always checks out ok. It will run fine for weeks or even months then all of a sudden the ABS light comes on, I hear clicking in the dash, the radio dies and all the gages go haywire. Speedometer and RPM gage needles go all the way up and then back down to zero several times until they die. The truck still runs for several days until the battery dies and then the alternator. When it gets to that point, I'm always told I need a new alternator. I've replaced alternator 3 times in 2 years. Friends tell me it's either a short somewhere or I need a new fuse panel. Ford dealer said fuses are all ok. Please help, I am out of money taking this truck to Ford and it's never fixed.
If the truck is running and you move the ignition key gently, can you create the same condition with the instrument panel?
I'd also inspect the power distrubutor box (fuse panel) and see if there are melted wires and poor connections, also check the ground connections.

Of course I go out to start it and everything is working, radio is back on and instument panel is working fine. This is the problem, if I take it back to Ford again they'll say there's nothing wrong and they look at me like I'm nuts. I tried moving the key while it was running, first in Park and then in Drive, and nothing happened. My son drives it a lot and he seems to think it has something to do with the trailer we pull, when the trailer lights are plugged in. Would this affect the radio and instrument panel? Also, when it goes into it's haywire thing and we have the a/c running or the headlights on , the a/c blows extra hard and the lights get real bright, like it's getting a power surge. I will check the fuse panel in the morning for melted wires or poor connections. Thank you for your help!!!!
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