Q: Electrical on 1994 GMC Rally Wagon 2500

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Salutations finally!! I missed you guy and gals (hopeful there's gals). Well now, I finally got the steering wheel column in place and Ive been driving it swell. But now the aircraft light & switch, reading dome lights, power seat, and television dont work, also the left side of all my radio speakers dont work. Hooked up all the harness right and now blow fuses. It was working before i dissembled the dash board and now I cant tell is I missed a special harness or is it a relay or blah blah blah... Please help!!
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If you removed the dash, you may have pinched a wire when you re-installed it, that is why the fuses blow, there is a short ( pinched ) wire. Re-check all of your work, when I do a dash, I test as I re-install, like the lights, the heater etc, etc. I had to learn this the hard way, just like you are learning.
Uh oh!! I seem to have sent a typo. NO fuses are blown. But I will redo the dash tomorrow!! Thank you!!!