Q: Electric Windows - Passenger Control on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

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The passenger windows can only be controlled from the driver controls. At one point it was intermittent but now they never work from the doors. Is there a fix for this? Fuse maybe?
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I have the same problem. It works intermittently (never when passengers are in truck). I took the drivers door apart and believe it requires changing the window control switch for all of the power windows. It's less than a $100 for this fix. Easy to do also.
I have the same problem also. But you say replace ALL the window controls. Does this include the driver side? Do I need to go to dealer for parts or would retail parts be an OK idea? I wouldnt want to be relacing them on a regular basis.
I'm a little late on this, but my truck had the same problem. The window lock switch on the driver's door control panel was internally shorted out. To my knowledge, you can't just replace the switch, you have to replace the entire panel. Easy fix, but a new panel is a little too pricey for something that's such a minor inconvenience. I found one at a local junkyard that worked and only paid about $5.