Q: Electric Windows on 1998 Ford Taurus

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My car windows have had an issue that is intermittent, and of course never when I take it to a shop for repair.

Sometimes the switches work just fine, other times I have to hold down a "magic combination" of switches just to get one to move, and other times it won't work at all. Removing the door panel and wiggling the wires seems to help some times, but not always. Anyone have an idea if this is a faulty switch or other wiring issue?
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Intermittent electrical problems can be so frustrating. It is most likely the window master switch. If it is a window motor that is failing often with the engine running (to having system charging voltage available) put your finger on the switch to close the window that is stuck open , keep your finger on switch in the close position while you open and then slam close the door. The jarring motion can temporarily over come a dead spot on the electrical motors commutator. Sometimes on high mileage cars the wires going out to the door can get damaged in the harness going out to the door. While operating the window wiggle the harness going out to the door manipulating it up and down, if the window fails to operate or blows a fuse the problem is in the harness.
Using a volt-meter could I test to see if the issue is the motor, wiring harness, or master switch and if so how?

Any recommendations on which to attempt replacing first? I'm about 95% its not the motor because the issue is an all-or-none.