Q: Electric. Seat on 2001 Buick Park Avenue

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Where or how can I locate a drivers side ectric motor ( the one furtherest from the door).
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I believe that there r 3 motors to the seats. u have to take the seat out of the car and the motors r located underneath on the sides. Most of the time it's not the motor that has gone bad it's the plastic gear that GM used to move the seat has either broken teeth or a worn spot. Most parts stores do not carry this part -u would have to go to the dealer or find a used seat from the junk yard. Unless u have a friend that is a machinist and have them make it. It's wise to replace them all so u don't have to replace the other gears a few days later...
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Perhaps try , or look at the Dormin website, or A1 Cardone website and see if they have a re-manufacturing exchange program for this motor.
If on your up and down adjustment you hear the motor running but the seat is not moving then you have broken plastic seat gears. I sell brass replacement gears for Park Avenues. They are 120 apiece. If you are interested then email me at
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