Q: Electric EGR Valve testing on 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

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The car runs fine, but the code says the egr system has a problem. A mechanic today said it'd be $80 just to see if the valve is working properly. Is there a way I can test it? What is needed to test an electronic EGR valve?
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you need a scan tool to command it on and off. its cheaper to pay 80 than buy a scan tool for 5000

ok, that stinks. I have one more option then as I have a friend who may be have one ------ I don't always like bothering friends.
Just like Roy said, it needs a scan test, but a pro, which cost many thousands of dollars. A cheap scanner won't activate and test the EGR system.
The shop invested tens of thousands of $$$ so you need to spend only $80.

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