Q: Engine shuts down on 1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500

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Im working on a 1997 dodge ram 2500 3.9L. The engine shuts off while driving or at idle like someone turned off the key switch. It will restart right away. I have replaced the following: Timing chain,water pump,cam sensor,crank sensor, plugs,wires,cap,rotor button,pcv valve,fuel pump assembly
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No what is the best way to check that? It may work for a few days before it shuts off. Then it starts right up.
What would cause cyl 1,3,5 misfire. I put oem plugs. Checked gap. Doubled checked new wires to make sure they were not crossed. Someone told me my pcm could be bad causing the shut down, could it also cause the misfire
they are correct. before replacing the pcm on a whim, i think you need someone to scope the crank sensor signal, distributor, and injectors.
if the pcm is bad, you need to find the reason for the failure. if you dont, then the new one can fail as well.

Van is a 1997 with 288,000 miles, I am looking to replace the fuel pump at this time, have replaced throttle position sensor, worked better but problem came back, also replaced timing sensor because of back firing, ecm unit was never getting hot and fuel pump is only damn thing that does not throw a code to the ecm, van would always start back up after few seconds, then a few minutes, then a few seconds, and then would run for a month or two and problem would not present itself and then come back, I am wondering if there is an intermittent connection in the fuel pump assembly, no rhyme or reason as to the way it would fail. Never get anything on ecm other than cylinder misfire. But failure does not always throw that codes after codes are cleared.