Q: EGR Valve Replacement or Cleaning? on 2003 Saturn L300

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EGR Valves are expensive according to research I've been doing do you recommend a replacement or can you get away with a thorough cleaning?
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Why do you think there is an EGR issue? In order to really clean this you need to remove it and carefully clean all of it and the passages as well. Then you need to do an EGR re-learn, which takes a good scanner, but yes try cleaning it at first. Get a new gasket as it will need replacing.
Thanks for responding dandd. I think there is an EGR issue because after driving it for about 30 min. the Service Engine light comes on - once light comes on the car hesitates on acceleration. Took it in to get codes read: P0403 and P0405. Which are EGR Solenoid Circuit Problem and EGR Sensor A/Low.
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