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Q: EGR Valve: cleaning vs. replacement on 2000 Mazda 626

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My check engine light is on, and the code it returns is for the EGR valve. The AutoZone computer tells me this:
EGR system fault
The ECM has detected too little flow on the EGR System.

The AutoZone person told me that the valve needs replacement.
The dealership mechanics told me that replacing it would be a waste of money, and that the system only needs decarbonization. Would cleaning the system be enough to turn off the Engine light (and therefore pass inspection)? Thanks for the help!
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It is most likely carbon build up in the intake manifold that is causing the problem not a defective EGR valve. Lots of Mazdas have had this problem of clogging up the passageways. Get it properly diagnosed by someone familiar with Mazda before just replacing the valve.
my 626 runs fine except for the egr valve cause a very slight ping after car is at regula temperature. Does this indicticate clogged passageways or a bad egr valve?
Sometimes it says egr or evap sensor on the check check engine computers they will let you use at some of the auto parts stores. This is just a general diagnosis. The Mazda like most cars nowadays are fuel injected and operate under pressure so when the gas cap is not shut tight it will give that code also if a vacuum line comes loose somewhere on the system so check those as well. If neither is the case auto zone and others has started selling the same parts that were only previously OEM for Mazda, Chevy, Honda,etc such as a Chevy wiper pulse modulator dealer $150. Auto zone like $19. It will pay to diagnosis yourself. A u pull it junk yard may be a good start also.
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