Q: egr valve on 1997 Nissan Maxima

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I got a estimate to replace the egr valve for. EGR valve from Nissan $254. Labor $175 to replace and clean port. This is higher than your estimate. Do you think it is to high?
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nope! think its very fair price. I just did mine at 280,000mi, only cuz i took the motor out b/c we thought the motor was locked up? turned out to be the water pump. The egr valve is not the prob... its the stove pipe from ex-manifold to the valve. Can not get to it! plus when i tryed to r&r mine with the engine out on the stand the valve broke off in the pipe and the ex-manifold had to be r&r'ed super heated to remove the pipe from the manifold! Had to replace the tube and valve, cost me around $160. just in parts. would not want to even try to replace in the car NIGHTMARE! Plus the intake connection tube and the intake were both completly closed shut with carbon! took me atleast two hours to clean all the carbon buildup out. so good luck cuz if the egr is bad its prob not the only problem.
The price for the part seems high, the list price for the valve is around $175.00. Are they including any other parts besides the valve?
The labor for the estimate on RepairPal doesn't include diagnosis or servicing/cleaning the ports, it is for the valve replacement only. The labor estimate (repairpal) for the replacement looks a little low, it should be around $100 at the high end.
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