Q: EGR valve on 1991 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

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Can you remove the EGR valve and the truck still run good
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Removing the EGR valve will cause your engine to increase emissions and fail your state smog inspection. If you remove the EGR valve and do nothing else you will have a large engine vacuum and exhaust leak.
i had the same problem on my 1995. we tried cleaning it and had little improvment. then we took it off. it runs better and improved gas mileage
did u cover the hole with a plate I have a 2.8 v6 if so does that mean the exhaust gas is always entering the engine or always not entering the engine
If you were to remove the EGR valve you will have an exhaust leak and and an intake manifold leak.If you know the valve is a good fit when it is not cycling you can remove and plug the vacuum line. Most likely the engine will start to ''ping'' since the manifold air is not being cooled by the exhaust...Try it.Emissions will rise during period of time EGR should be on.Your oxygen sensor will see this and may adjust the mixture too lean for performance capabilities.
you can remove the egr valve but you can also block it off and leave it on. Take the vacuum off and plug it then make a plate to go under it. A little gasket maker and some tight bolts and your good to go
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