Q: e420 engine tick on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E420

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my oilers and 32 o rings were all replaced and my 97 e420 engine is still ticking. my mechanic says i need to drive it to ket the pressure build back up so tick will stop. is this true or did my mechanic just take me for a $1000.00 ride?
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there is really no way to answer this question accurately. you need to get a second opinion; suggest asking other MB owners who the "good guys" are locally.
there are mechanics; then there are technicians. you want the shop that has a parking lot full of Mercedes and not Chevys, Dodges and Nissans.
engine began overheating - i am getting an s-class 8 cyl engine dropped in my e-420 which will give me more power and hopefully better gas mileage also. thanks for your advise!