Q: E 55 AMG on 1998 Mercedes-Benz E430

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I have a very rough sounding cold-start in my 1998 E55 AMG for about 10 seconds after which its ok.
It sounds as if the cylinders are not getting oil before the first ignition hence the sound. once the oil gets there the sounds subsides. My question is - is there some circuit or switch that sends oil to the engine prior to ignition which in my car is not functioning?
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No there is no such thing. There is a check valve built into the oil line to keep the oil from draining back to the oil pan.
I'd suggest to find a good MB specialty shop and ask them to check it for you.

thank u for ur prompt response. i am sure this is the right solution. can u give me a part # or description/location so i can explain to my Merc mechanic please.
i have not been able to find this part on any on-line parts supplier.
appreciate the help!
An MB shop will know the parts, but I don't suggest to buy anything unless they check your car.
If there is sludge built up in the engine this part won't help you. Let them check it first.
No offense please - I don't question your diagnostic skills, but I don't think the problem is oil related. These cars have problems with the harmonic balancer - actually there is a recall because of this part - which could cause intermittent noise at the front, it could also grind on the timing cover. That's why I suggest to take it to a MB specialty shop. You might need to leave the car over night so they can hear the noise.
I don't want you to buy unnecessary parts. We can't diagnose a noise through the internet. Your best bet is to find a good, honest MB shop. If the problem is the harmonic balancer (this is the part mounted to the crank shaft) there is a recall on it and the dealer will replace it for free. Let us know what the problem was, please.

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