Q: D/Side brake cal. locked up. Replaced cal., flex line, master cylinder. on 1993 Chevrolet S10

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Now both calipers lock up and overheat. Could this be an proportioning valve problem? Can open bleed valve and pads release allowing wheel to rotate. Not seeing any "brake failure" lights on dash.
Help please.
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Often on GMs a brake hose can collapse internally and act like a check valve causing brakes to not properly release especially if there is a bracket mid way holding the brake line. Sometime if the bracket is opened a little with a pry bar so the hose is loose that will temporarily improve the releasing of the caliper but hose should still be replaced even if it releases completely as it will likely get worse and being loose in bracket may chaff wearing into hose from the out side that already has an internal problem. This is what I would check first. If you need vehicle, diagnosed and repaired please call Kris or Andrew at CarMasters 456-0722, Jim
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