Q: DRL/Lowbeam Headlights on 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

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The problem: Start the car and as soon as you put the shift lever in either drive or reverse, the drl indicator flashes and the service light in the instrument cluster comes on. The DRL lights do not work and neither do the lowbeam headlights.
Steps I have taken so far: Checked fuses, bulbs, all connections and wire condition from the bulbs back to the firewall, verified the combination switch and checked for codes.
Everything checks out and there are no codes being given by the ecm or bcm.
Temporary solution: As a temporary fix, I have taken the wires from the fog lights and plugged them into the lowbeams.
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Do you have power and ground to the Low beams when you turn on the switch? Do you have the same for the DRLs. The DRLS are the high beams working on a reduced voltage, lower by about 1/2. There is a module that controls this stuff. I would check that next if you do not get 12+ volts and a good ground at the bulbs when your energize your switch. Check the voltage with a test light and a DVOM. You can find a schematic of the system on . It costs about $16 for a year's access to your vehicle's service info.
No there's no ground, just power at both terminals but if were the module, wouldn't there be a code? No codes