Q: drivers window does not go down the whole way on 1990 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

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my driver's door power window goes down an inch or two and then stops. will not go any farther and it doesn't seem to try to go any farther (like i cant hear the motor on). but when i press the button for the window to go up it still goes up like normal. i've had the inside of the door apart and can't seem to find the problem. any help is greatly appreciated
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I would suspect you may have a problem with the window motor on you Chevrolet S10 Blazer. The window motors are equipped with circuit breakers which open and stop the motor when there is a problem. If most cases the window will roll down a bit and stop, after the motor cools down the window will roll down a bit more and stop again. If there a no obstructions in the window guides or binding of the window regulator the the motor is most likely at fault. Changing window motors can be a bit tricky and in some cases dangerous as the window regulators are spring loaded and can release the spring tension when the motor is removed. You may wish to let someone who knows how replace your window motor if that turns out to be the problem.
Just looking at this problem myself. There is a piece of rubber at the rear part of the window (inside the door at the bottom of the glass). It has curled out and now snags the bolts of the door handle when you try to lower the window. The window goes down about 1/2 an inch and then binds up. It will go back up just fine. You can see the problem by looking through the vent hole on the side of the door. I'm tearing the door apart this weekend to see if it's just the rubber popped out or if the window mount needs to be replaced..
hes right about the spring loaded dangers. it will take a finger or cause severe lacerations if your arm or hand are in there. I worked at a chevrolet dealership service center and ALL MECHANICS hated dealing with them. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!
your window holding stills are pushed backwards can happen but pushing up and down on the windows