Q: drivers side power window does not work on 2005 Kia Sedona

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was working intermittly but does not work at all now . window is down and does not go back up. replaced master panel did not help
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Before you replace a switch, check it with a meter or testlight to see that it's failed.
You need to check that the window motor is getting power and ground when you use the switch. If the motor is getting power and ground, and doesn't work at that time, then the motor's failing. You'll have to remove the door trim panel for access to the motor wiring. If it isn't getting power and ground when you operate the switch, then recheck the switch for proper operation, and then the wiring to be sure there isn't a break (open circuit) in the wiring between the switch and the window motor.
If you want to find a Kia specialist, here's our directory link for you:
same issue - 2002 Sedona - power and motors are good - black ground wire in the plug is bad or intermittent - where does that wire terminate; can I replace and just terminate to frame
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