Q: driver side tail light replace on 2003 Honda Civic

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My drivers side tail light is cracked and i need to replace it. Do you have any instructions I can use to do it myself. My local dealer wants $295 just for the len!! doesn't include labor.
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The tail lamp assembly may be available from other sources apart from the dealer. There are many collision repair parts sources on the internet. Google Honda tail light lens (it will be made in China or Taiwan) or also Google wrecking yards you may get a good original lens cheaper.
The instructions to replace the tail light lens on the four door Civic your year start of remove trunk trim, remove rear bumper. It seems crazy but I just did a similar job on an Infinity and had to take of the front bumper to put in a headlight.
Its straight forward, don't be intimidated but be careful not to scratch the bumper. Just lots of clips to remove.
I have a 1997 Honda Accord and someone broke my right tail light lens. The dealer wanter $100. I was able to get one from a junk yard for $30 and it looks new!