Q: Driver side power window will not work, how do you check for bad switch? on 1999 GMC Jimmy

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All other windows work fine and because I don't hear anything when trying specific switch, I was told it's unlikely the motor.
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There is no child lock for the drivers window. Who ever told you it is most unlikely the motor is WRONG.
i just want to know how to check the switch to see if it is bad. switch $50. new motor $150. so want to exhaust all options
Go to Spend the $26.95 to get any info on your car for a whole year. That includes a wiring diagram for the drivers door window switch.
I agree with you but it seems the owner wants to test the motor/switch. To do that the owner can perform that test right at the switch with the knowledge of which wire he needs to put power to. That's why Expertec is correct on getting that info at the website he suggested.
Make sure you don't have the lock on it!!! Very simple and you don't need a mechanic if that's the case. That just happened to me. If not then they need to take the entire door apart to get the window motor out and test it's connections to see if it's gone bad. (my shop did this before figuring out it was just the button down that cuts power to the motor...)
I have a 2004 gmc sierra, had the same problem, all other windows worked fine, turned out to be the harness connection inside the fuse box, pushed it in tight and works fine.