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Driver Side Door Won't Open

(1991 Toyota Previa)
in Arlington, TX on April 16, 2009
My driver side of my door won't budge. I have tried everything, opening up the panel, flicking the locks both on the inside and outside but when i do it immediantely goes back to locked. I have tried pulling it and all sorts of things- including taking out the battery, any help???? please
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You are doing exactly what I would do. I would remove the driver's door inner panel, put the window fully up look at the lock mechanism and linkages and with the lock unlocked maneuver the lock linkages to open the door.
Perhaps it would help if you took the passenger door panel off and looked at the extent of travel the linkage has to have to "open the latching/lock mechanism. The springs in the lock must have failed. I have not have to replace the locking mechanism too often on Toyotas.
on May 10, 2009
This is probably a broken spring on the door latch. There are step by step instructions with photos posted somewhere. Do a Google search something along the lines of "previa stuck door lock spring repair". Expect to spend a couple hours and do lots of cussing. It is an easy and cheap DIY repair, but like everything on a Previa (in my experience), it will not inspire you to send a fan letter to the Previa design Engineers.
on March 16, 2014
I have not had any luck findind any videos on how to replace the spring on the driver's side lock. Also I could not acually find my broken spring and need to find a replacement spring or make one out of another spring. Please help I have spent hours searching the net for help and I am getting so tired of climbing through the passenger side.
on December 22, 2010
Contrary to what others may say, I find this a medium-hard repair.

I've fixed my Previa driver-side door twice for this very problem. It has been a broken tension-spring each time. I simply use a similar spring from my spring collection (boxes of assorted tension springs are available at most hardware stores). The real challenge is to get the old broken spring out and the new one in.

You'll have to remove the inside door cover and the protective plastic sheet to get to the lock mechanism. Look over to the left with a flashlight. Also, it's often useful to lower the window and look in from the top of the door. I find a hemostat the most useful tool to position and tension the new spring, but needle-nose pliers or small vice-grip pliers might do as well.

You might not know where the new spring goes, because the old one has broken and fallen off. If you can't figure this out, undo the passenger-side door as you did with the driver-side to see where the spring should go. Be patient! You can do it.
on April 01, 2011
It can be done fur sure! I've done it on two seperate Previa's. I think the 2nd time I replaced the spring I probably could have done it without pulling out the locking mechanism. Either way...It's not too tough of a fix. I got a new spring at the hardware store for $1.50. Could definitely be done with a couple pair of needlenose or a hemostat. I would want a telescoping magnet too though. Good Luck and GodSpeed!
on August 15, 2011
I believe I can repair this,my problem is I can not open the door from either side( inside and outside) it has electric locks and they are working.I can't remove the inside panel if I can't get the door open..any Ideas??
on June 12, 2013
Not sure if this helps. I have a Camry that had the same problem, the spring let go. I found the spring and located were it was to go. With fish line I tied it to one end and lowered it into place and hooked it to the first location, I then pulled the spring up with the fishing line and hooked the second location. I then tied the fishing line off inside the door in case it happened again, I would have the spring.
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