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Q: Driver side door window on 1990 BMW 325i

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The driver side door window worked and than just stopped working. Does it need a fuse or not? The passenger side still works.
The fuse is only one of six or seven components that make up the window circuit.
Check all the fuses first, if blown, replace blown fuse and pray it does not blow again. Fuse box is under the bonnet on the left, against the firewall. Can't remember if there is a hidden fuse box in the dash, don't think so, but check it out anyway.
Possible window motor failure, which is pretty common.
During the replacement of your window motor, replace and lube the two white window clips at the same time as they are prone to decaying over time.

Have it checked out by your local mechanic if it turns out to be more than your common fuse, click on the "find a shop" tab to proceed.
what type of switch is it? I have the same problem. My rear window basically stopped working.
My rear passenger window just stopped working. when I use the up/down switch, it makes a scratching/grinding noise.

is it the motor or window lift mechanism or some other part in there.

would appreciate an estimate please?
Them most likely problem is a failure of the window lift mechanism. The mechanism can't be fixed so it has to be replaced. It's about $350 or so to fix it, and they only last a few years...
It's an common problem found with the 3series, a basic simple corection is to pull your panel off gain access to your motor disconnect it for about ten minutes re-connect it and that should do the trick as long as you are still getting power when tempting to use that window. mine did it and going to the dealer didn't fix my problem so did some research and found it was very common and was an manufacture's fault that either has to be discon-@ fuse box or motor itself going to the motor worked best for me.
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