Q: Driver side door panel on 1990 BMW 325i

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How hard is it to remove the Driver's Side Door Panel; I have to get to the Driver Side Door Lock Mechanism; Driver side door will not lock properly. In order to lock the door I have to turn the key to the right and then pull up on the handle, and then the lock button will go down. The door unlocks manually OK. Any suggestionsA?
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there are a couple of screws diagagonlly from the under side of the door pull. The surround of the handle, which opens the door from the inside, will slide foward. check the white plastic lever on the door lock cylinder.It breaks some time with age.
Thanks for your response, Then I suppose there are Snaps, if you will, that hoild the door panel in place. All I need to do is get to the Door Lock Mechanism. In order to lock the door from the outside I have to pull the haqndle up and turn the key to the right; somethiung must be worn on the inside.
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