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Q: Driver Power window / all power door locks stopped working on 2005 GMC Canyon

For no apparent reason, my drivers side power window and all my power door locks stopped working. All fuses are good, switches show continuity. I can operate all the other power windows (4 Dr.) from the drivers console. Any ideas?
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The exact same problem with my Canyon - for the THIRD time. First two times my window was in the up position. After a week or two, it started working again by itself. This time my window is rolled down. I don't know what the problem is either.
I have a 2004 Colorado Crew cab, the windows work but the power locks only work on the drivers door and not the other three. It also only locks the drivers door when put in drive.
I removed the neg. battery terminal, and that did nothing.
2005 canyon- my door looks and windows are also part time workers. I have 52,000 on my truck and sometimes it fixs its self and they work perfect. other times not so much.
mine did the same dealer pulled out the master control switches on drivers door and dried it out brake cleans and air gun condensation is the problem they said if it keeps doing it i will have to replace the control panel assembly about 300 bucks 10 min to change
disconnect your battery. wait 30 minutes. re-connect. windows will operate. I did this myself after finding the fix on the net.
I followed your lead and it worked. 2005 Colorado with 140,000 miles. Prior symptoms: wouldn't turn over after sitting several days in bitter cold ( teens and twenties is cold for Dallas). Wouldn't lock/unlock after start try. Got it to start after I used a charger for only about 10 minutes. Locks, driver window, etc didn't respond. Disconnected battery and reconnected after about 30 min. All ok now.
if you disconnect your battery and the windows work that is great. also check the recall for the switch that operates the brakes. Somehow the wiring affects the windows if memory serves.
In cold time, every year since 2004, power doors and power windows does not working since hot temperature comes. Dealer tried to found but never resolved problems. In 2008, I changed battery and everything comes ok. The module is deprogram because of voltage to low from battery. Normaly it's 12.6 volts DC. This winter, same problems. I mesured voltage just before starting motor : 11.2 volts. It was tuff to start. Someting consume current to discharge battery even if trucks not running. Alternator works normally and voltage return to normal when it stop running. Today, I tried to found the source of consuming current. Before doing anything, I mesure 0.8 A. It's like a 8 watt light always on. One to other one, I removed fuses until current drop significaly. Fuse number 32, radio. I don't know what on this fuse with radio. I command all electrical wiring to troobleshoot.
After ECM failure and subsequent replacement I experienced exactly the same issue on my 06 Canyon. Drivers side window and both door lock switches were inoperative. I unhooked the negative cable on my battery for 30 minutes and cured all my problems.
I have found through much research that this is a very common problem. My brothers 2006 Canyon pickup that I was borrowing had the problem of the drivers side door window and lock not working. We brought the truck into the mechanic up the street. He removed the interior door panel to find a loose connection.

Resecured wires from motor to switch; door window works again.
Cost: $26 labor
I had the same problem i pulled the drivers master control switch panel out and dried it out with a heat gun on low works fine now gm said if it keeps having this condensation problem i need to replace control panel about 285 bucks dont see how a new one can fix the problem
This problem usually fixes itself within a day or so.
Mine stopped working for fourdays now. Before taking the door panel off, I did what other sites said and disconect the battery for an hour. For giggles I put a charger on it. Not sure if that did anything, but all works again.
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