Q: Drive Cycles won't complete on 2001 Jeep Cherokee

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I have been trying to get my Cherokee inspected for the last 2 months. My tag is now expired and I have taken it to AAA and some other service garages but they can only tell me to drive it around some more. My Evap, Catalyst, Oxygen Sensors won't complete. Any ideas? Could it be the computer. I don't think my battery is even 4 years old either.
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you need a shop that does these repairs and can perform the drive cycle for you. we charge 1 hour. a drive cycle is so much more than just driving it, like some people think. it is a very specific way of driving a car to run the monitors.
call around for a bid from a shop to do a drive cycle. try our directory tab at the top of the page.

I don't know much about fixing cars. Would a leak in the power steering hose have anything to do with it not completing the cycles?
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