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Q: dos #1 exust open frist wheen the timeing marks are lined up on 1990 Toyota Pickup

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I put a new cam in my toyota truck 3.0v6 on the pasenger side and now it will not run it starts but its like the timeing is out and i have the crank at t d c and the cames lined up when i put the cam mark up like the book shows me #1 exustis giting rady to open is there a certin way to time this engin

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On the V6 the crankshaft mark is simple. The mark on the inner edge of the crank sprocket lines up with the mark in the aluminum housing on the front of the block. The passenger side cam sprocket should be a gear that has the teeth exposed and the driver's side cam sprocket should have a guide rail build onto the edge of the gear to act as a guide for the belt. The marks then on the pulley line up with the marks on the black tin shield behind the sprockets.
Why is the camshaft being replaced, did the engine run prior to replacing the camshaft?
#1 cylinder is the passenger side front of the engine #3 and #5 also that side of the engine. #2 is driver's side front followed by #4, and #6 on that side of the engine. With #1 cylinder firing ( top of its compression stroke) valves should have clearance where is the rotor pointing in the distributor cap? That will be the easiest way to find if you are correct.
I'm having the same problem, only mine was a Head gasket replacement; both sides.

I get everything lined up: Crank at TDC on the Compression Stroke, and surprisingly, both Cam Gears line up almost perfectly with the marks on the backing plate.

The distributor Rotor however, lines up on either side of the number one tower on the Cap. I cannot get it to line up exactly with number one. Unless I Stab the Distributor on different teeth.
Then my Timing adjustment is gone. This has been going on now for a month. I feel for the woman in the original Posting, because this can be outright maddening. And, BTW; mine's a 1994 Toyota P/U, 3.0 Engine. Thanks..
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