Q: Door panel on 1995 BMW 740iL

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Hi, I recently went to open the driver's side door and my handle does not work, from the little bit I know there is a clip that connect the rods to the handles on the inner and outer door hanles. I tried pulling the door panel and I realize it not like your foords and chevys, do I need a special tool to get the door panel off?
(1) Answer
No special tool is required, only a little know how.

The door lock button sticking out the top of the door panel will need to be removed along with a screw behind a circle cover on the opener lever. Then work your way around with a door panel tool or a flat screw driver carefully around the perimeter of the panel. Once the entire perimeter is unbuttoned and it seems like it should come off you then want to lift the door panel upward. It should come off. You will need to removed the black rectangle clip in the middle of the door and transfer it to the door panel when reinstalling. Be careful, there are several connectors behind the door panel that will need to be disconnected and reconnected when removing and installing the panel. Even a veteran BMW technician finds this a hassle.

If you plan on doing repairs on your own vehicle I highly recommend a Bentley repair manual for your vintage BMW.