Q: door locks on 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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About a week ago we would be driving down the road and the doors would unlock and lock by themselves. Now at time the door won't unlock with the fob ,but the next time they will. What is causing this?
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These two issues could be related or unrelated. Your fob issue could be due to a weak battery in the fob. If you have more that one key fob the next time you fob is acting up try the other one. If it works OK then chances are the problem fob has a weak battery. If not then the Life Gate Control Module which receives the signal from the fob could be at fault. As for the door locks cycling you could have a faulty door lock switch or wiring issue causing the intermittent fault. There could be fault codes stored in the Body Control Module or the Lift Gate Control Module. If so the codes may help determine the cause of your intermittent faults.
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