Q: Door Locks on 2004 Ford Escape

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After sitting for a number of hours in the garage when I come back to the Escape the doors are locked. I know that I did not lock them before getting out and did not press the "lock" on the remote. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be wrong? The remote does work to unlock the doors. I am just wondering why they would do this.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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Hey Rob,
Does this happen every time it sits for a few hours, or does it occur in one place in particular?
That makes sense, do the doors lock every time you leave it sitting in your garage? Has this always happened or is this new?
Problems with these systems can be tough to diagnose, and this should be taken to a Ford shop that can perform a system diagnostic check to see if there are any faults stored in the computer that control the locking system, and check to see that the vehicle has up to date software.
But before taking it in, try to rule out any electrical interference. For instance, did one of your neighbors get a new Ford or other vehicle recently, or did you get a new garage door opener? These can all send electrical signals that can be locking your doors. Think about all the possibilities of radio signals that can be interfering with the lock system and try to rule them out.
I only am aware of this happening in our garage because if it is not in our garage I lock all the doors via the remote.
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