Q: Door Lock & Accessory Problems When Turning Off on 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

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When I turn off my truck & open the driver's side door the accessories, i.e. radio, wiper, etc. do not turn off all the time. I have to open & close the passenger side door to correct. In addition the door locks do not always unlock when I stop my truck, put it in park and turn it off.
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Hopefully you didnt spend a bunch of money fixing this. we had the same prob with our 05 colorado and all it turned out to be was the switch at the bottom of the driver and rear doors were stuck. easy cheap fix, thank goodness!
take the sleeve off of the button at the bottom of the driver door and spray WD-40 in it, if it is stuck it should pop back out. That fixed ours and hopefully that is all that is wrong with yours. Good Luck!!!
Sounds like you need to have your auto-locking/unlocking system scanned and diagnosed. There are several components so the best way is to have the system properly inspected by a sharp auto electrical/computer person.