Door Handles May Stick/Jam in Cold, Wet Climates on Kia Sedona

Problem Description and Possible Solution

In cold, wet climates, the driver and passenger door handles may stick, jam, or not return to their rest position; improved handle release cables are available to correct this issue.

Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 80,448 (14,000–140,000)
7 model years affected: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010
37 people reported this problem
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Sliding door handles do not want to open especially when cold. This is a safety issue in my opinion. If you need to get into the car you cannot.......
Doors freeze up, sliding massager side door will not open up anymore. Front wheels have a shielded protector that make noise making the other side of town hear you coming not happy with this van and I will never buy a Kia van again
The side doors stick when it is cold and damp. The solution is to drive the car and wait for the heater to warm the door a bit. If you need to get in immediately, you have to enter from the front door and push from the inside.
Both sliding doors, especially the right passenger, sticks and is very hard to open when it's wet, cold, dry, warm. No matter the weather, it sticks nd is an inconvenience. It has yet to be fixed because of the other things that need done on it, which are just as Inconvinient and common problems. This entire van should be recalled.
Passenger side slider actuator switch was replaced under warranty.
It has occurred two other times since. ~85K and now 111K.
inside door release inop. cable gets stiff when cold, overloads plastic handle attaching point, breaking it. Replace plastic handle, and cable assembly. Lube new cable with a good grade of cable lube (aval from MC dealership)
The driver side passenger door does not always open when you push the button in the vehicle or on the key fob. Happens in the heat and when it is cold.
All doors stick at times and will not open. Moter makes a noise when ideling. Lights brake, headlights, turn lights are always going out. Then at 1:00am my neighbor calls to tell me the brake lights are on???? Talk about weird!! Wake up to that news.
I have had to actually Force the latch by holding the door closed from the exterior, lock the door manually with the key, unlock the door, re-enter the vehicle and close it. Once it warmed up, no problem. MASSIVE FRUSTRATION!
My driver side door jammed too. The problem is the door would not close. I got out of the car and manually manipulated the door until it became workable again. I'm OK with this. I'm not OK with the two automatic doors failing because the pully cords snapped when temperatures dipped under 25 degrees. This is crazy. Does anyone else have this problem.
Power doors freeze and do not work in a reasonable amount of time (like easily 30 minutes after warmup). Driver/passenger freeze as well, but do eventually work (in a short amount of time).
Everytime the temps drop below freezing my door handles stick and I have to have my husband open them.