Q: door ajar and interior lighting on 1997 Ford Taurus

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The indicator light on the dash says the door is open when it's closed and when this happens the interior lights will not go out. This model does't have the typical plunger type switch. Could someone let me know how to resolve?
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I had the same problem everytime it rained my dome light would stay on for days afterwards, I read these posts went out and tried it Viola it solved my issue no more burning my fingers from pulling the dome light bulb out .. You guys rock :-) and so does Liquid Wrench :-)
it sounds like your door switch is defective or needs adjusting. Some cars have the courtesy light switch inside the main door lock/latch mechanism. In this case, often the whole assembly needs to be replaced. You can pull your courtesy/dome light fuse, so your battery won't go dead until you get the problem resolved. There should be a fuse guide in your owners manual and a location for the interior fuse panel. There may be a guide on the fuse panel cover as well. it is usually in the left to lower left dash area.
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