Q: Don't know if I have a tilit or a non tilt column. How could I determine? on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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I'm replacing the steering wheel shaft bearings. Can't find the kit anywhere
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Look under the signal light/dimmer lever to see if there is some kind of thing sticking out, if so monkey around with it to see if the steering whell will move up and down! IF so it is a tilt! IF there is no other lever there, it is not a tilt. Why are you replacing the bearing??
Wow that simple..thank you!!! I'm new at this. I'm replacing the bearings because the steering wheel is loose and wiggles.
Turns perfectly fine. The problem is that there was an accident where the previous owner hit the steering wheel and caused something to either break or loosen. So the only problem I see is the bearings. They look badly worn