Q: doi needd new ecm on 2003 Acura TL

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I had my transmission rebuilt but the check engineand the tcs light are on. The D5 light is flashing. The code is p0715. The shop said I need a new computer or have the one I have reflashed. Is this true
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did you have the 715 code before the trans repair??? have someone pull the code for the check engine light for you.

no I did not have the 0715 code before the repair. It was after the repair. They said they tested the sensors and all electronics showed to be working correctly. Thx (sorry about my late reply, I was on vacation
take it back to the trans shop and have them double check there work. if it was not there prior to the repair, it should not be there now.
why did you have the trans done to start with??

i have this same exact problem i was told it was a sensor but i did not hAVE THIS PROBLEM BEFORE WHAT SHOULD I DO