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Q: Does the product Blue Devil really work for fixing head and/or head gasket issue on 1990 Honda Accord

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Bought Blue Devil to attempt to fix a blown head gasket and possibly a warped or cracked head. I've been assured that it'll fix these issues but I guess I'm wondering what everyone else's opinion on this stuff? Thank you.
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I used it once and it did not work, I ended up replacing the head gasket anyway. But I know another shop that uses it all the time and loves it. There are two types pour-n-go that doesn't require removing the antifreeze first from the cooling system and the standard type that you need to flush the system of coolent then use the sealer. I have been told that the standard type works best. I do know one thing if it dosen't work they will refund all your money. They sent me a refund within a few days.
I wouldnt even bother with it just pull the heads off and check the head for cracks or a head gasket
Used it on a small block Chevy. and it worked for me! Can't say that it will work every time though.
With a money back warranty it is worth a shot. Do EXACTLY what the instructions say to do!
Customer requsted repair by the way, they had bought this stuff and wanted me to do the work. I didn't have much faith either.
How long it will last, no idea!!
I have seen it work personally,but as a technician I would do it right and take it apart.The one that I have seen it work on had a slight headgasket leak.If you have a crack somewhere the chances are slim that it will work.
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