Q: Does the PCV hose go from the PCV to the vacuum or throttle body ? on 1990 Ford Crown Victoria

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The PCV is connected to manifold vacuum. It could be sourced at the throttle body as long as the connection isn't to a ported vacuum connection.
Thanks for the information..... I have a 87 Chrown Victoria 5.0L in my 65 Mustang. It came to me with the PCV hooked up to a vacuum port and it didn't look right to me. The filler cap hose go's to a port on the throttle body. Can I just "T" into that hose? Jerry
Is there vacuum on the PVC valve now?... Engine has to breath from one side while PVC valve pulls vacuum on crankcase from the other! That's all it can do!... Regardless how it looks...
OK... I'll leave it on the Vacuum Port, but, That seems odd to fill the vacuum full of oil!
The hose connected to the filler neck should be connected to the air intake hose between the air filter and the throttle body NOT NOT a vacuum source. The smaller hose from the PCV valve does go to intake vacuum.