Q: does the 2.4 have a chain or timing belt and when is the recommended time to cha on 2007 Pontiac G6

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my mileage is 80,000 and car runs fine but i am worried that it is time to change
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This eng. has a chain, replace it when you HEAR it!!! It should go 150,000 or more.
If you hear a metallic rattle (especially on cold start up) or any time engine is running
then it is time to replace the timing componets! Leave the music off any time you start any engine
and listen, it can save some $ one day. But nobody does that right cause it takes all of about 10 seconds.
good answer wetry I wasnt sure if it had a chain or belt I liked the comment about the music
Thanks, i was not sure either. I looked it up. But the answer is pretty much the same on all chain
equipped engines. I thought GM 2.4's had a chain. A engine can tell you a lot if you just listen.
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