Q: Does My Sonata Have An Air Bag or Cruise Control Relay? on 2002 Hyundai Sonata

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My Air Bag light has been on for some time now. I've pulled the corresponding fuses, and they all are okay. I've even replaced them just to be on the safe side. But the light stays on, and I've noticed that my cruise control stopped working around the same time. Is there a specific relay for the Air Bag or Cruise Control that I can check? I haven't been in an accident, and I have this gut feeling that it's something simple that I'm not thinking of. Any suggestions would be helpful.
(1) Answer
It's not simple. You need to have the system scanned with an enhanced scanner, not a generic OBD2 code reader.
If you are in a collision your air bags will not deploy. Forget about the cruise control, your supplemental restraint system will not work.