Q: Does my Jeep really need all the recommended maintenance the dealer is saying? on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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When my Grand Cherokee hit the 108,000 mile mark in 2011, I had a whole "recommended maintenance" series completed at a Jeep dealership. This included new spark plugs, front and rear differential service, transfer case service, transmission service, fuel saver service, and coolant flush service.

Skip to today--it's 2013 and and I hit the 133,000 mile mark. I went to another Jeep dealership for an oil change, and they say they see no records of the work I had done in 2011. They say I need almost ALL of the same services done again.

How often should those services really be completed?
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Do not have this done again! Take it to an independent shop for a good check up. The dealer is just selling BS service that you do not need!! "Fuel saver service" is a good example of it. In reality, there is no such thing!!
Thanks. Yes, I've come to find out that even the Grand Cherokee manual doesn't show Fuel Saver Service on the maintenance schedule, so I realized it was BS (unfortunately a year too late). The manual does show that I'll need a "Front & Rear Differential Service" done soon. Don't know how truly necessary that is. I'll try out an independent shop to see what they say.