Q: Does my car have an interference engine or a free wheeling engine that forgives? on 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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My timing belt broke while driving and I put a new one on but still there is no compression but I was told that the engine was free wheeling which means forgiving then $1500 later I was told the engine is interference
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I cant be certain but I think its freewheeling the 3.4l engine has two camshafts if there not aligned properly it will give no compression if its an interference engine then you probably bent some valves
Thank you for your reply but I have called the dealership and I was told that when this car was made they used a free wheeling engine with 1/2 of these engines and the other half are interference and the difference is some were made with timing chain and some used timing belt the ones with the belt are interference.
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buy a chiltons book and make sure all marks are lined up properly to start with. sounds like your off some teeth on the cam and crank gears
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