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Q: Does my car have an electrical problem? on 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

My horn has stopped working three times now. When I double tap the fob I hear something click near the fuse/relay box under the hood. My temp gauge quit working for a week and mysteriously started working again. I have to tape the shifter for the letter to illuminate. And most recently the volume has begun to stick. If I tap it, when it gets stuck it will work. Also, I just replaced the front and back brake pads and when I applied the brakes at speeds over 35 the car shutters and I can hear a slight nocking.
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First, check all the vehicle grounds for clean tight contacts. Check your interior and underhood chassis to body grounds too. If they are all good, try switching the horn relay with a known good relay (usually another relay from the same electrical block with matching part number and from a system that works fine) and see if the horn works. If not, the horn itself is dead, replace it. The Temp Guage could be a wiring issue or a cluster issue. You will need a scanner to check that. If your gear selector indicator is on the cluster as well, I would say you have a cluster issue. If the gear selector indicator (PRNDL) is on the center console by the lever, then you may have a BCM issue or the switch on the transaxle is going out. The volume on the radio issue is in the radio. You just have a few different problems going on at once. Did your brake pad kits come with all the new anti-rattle hardware? If so, did you use it? Did you remove the old anti-rattle hardware and not put any back on? Could explain the noise. The shudder though, is a different issue. Did you re-surface the rotors (or at least have them checked for runout) when replacing the pads? If not, do so first. Also, check to make sure you tightened all the caliper bolts and something is not loose. Did you lubricate the calipers when putting them back on? Lots of things to check. Post results/answers to these questions here for more help if necessary.
Thank you for responding to my question. I'm taking my car to a shop to have the horn and the other issues looked into and fixed. My brake pads didn't come with anti-rattle hardware but I did lubricate the calipers. Also, I went a head and checked to make sure all the bolts were tight, nothing loose. My car has two gear selector indicators. One on the dash and one on the middle console. The light on the gear selector indicator on the middle console is what I was referring to. I will post more results after I take my car in. Thank you again.
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