Q: Does my 2008 EOS with 60K need fuel filter and fuel system service? on 2004 Toyota Tundra

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Dealer says the car needs a fuel filter and fuel system service at 60K. Owner's manual does not mention this. What's up?
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Dealers need to make money too. IF you've been doing proper maintenence (minimum is at least what the owners manual states), and using a reputable brand of gas ,then neither filter or service is likely needed. HOWEVER---------a little now (assuming they do the 'fuel system service' properly) , may save a lot later , as repcsugma5 already said.....sorta.........your call..........
Thanks, the car gets big time TLC. I asked the question because the dealer likes to sell me something I don't need. I thought there might be more to this issue. Thanks again!
Yes indeed, unless you never commute far from home, have AAA or another towing service, and never drive during rush hours - then i would wait until my engine light comes on or car shuts down.
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