Q: does my 2002 eurovan have a timing belt or motordriven chain? on 2002 Volkswagen EuroVan

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I have had mixed replies.
thee mechanics have told me that my broken waterpump could have damaged my timing chain and could need replacement, and or dont have a chain, but just belt and would need replacing due to broken water pump.
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The water pump is driven off the belt, and I can't see how it would effect the chain or the timing. Cars are weird and I try not to say "always" or "never" because it can bite you in the butt, so I would have to see the vehicle to know for sure, but it doesn't seem likely.
What is wrong with the water pump? Does the engine run?
great.. that narrows it down.. now, would the water pump be located on the serpentine belt and would that effect the timing if water pump broke?
well, I just replaced the water pump... quite simple actually, however, the engine still wont start up... it cranks over, but feels and sounds as if it doesn't get fire. is there a trip switch involved when a VW engine overheats? can't tell if the engine primes.
dgriston, what was the outcome with you eurovan? Did you have a blown head gasket or something else?